Cady Harmon
Portrayed by Nicole Maines
Name: Cady Elizabeth Harmon
Birthday: August 25, 2003
Origin: Muggle
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Sophomore
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Cady is a teenage girl with a warm complexion, standing about five and a half feet tall. Her shoulder-blade length hair is dyed a vibrant green — though her roots betray her hair's brunette origin — usually worn loose and framing her round face. A hint of green eye-shadow and some eyeliner accentuate her roundish, almond-shaped eyes. She has fairly full lips and a broad smile that brings out her appled cheeks. There is a subtle scent of coconut about her.


Delaina and Lance Harmon had just one child, who they named Connor. From a very early age, it became evident that Connor was not quite what they had expected. At the age of four, he began to insist that he was a girl. At first they saw it as just a young child not entirely understanding the words he was using. But over the new few years, as the behavior did not change, Delaina understood something more was going on. She researched the phenomenon and came to realize that her son was, in fact, her transgender daughter. Lance was not as receptive, but neither was he very good at arguing with his lawyer wife. Under Lance's protest, by age seven, Connor was allowed to start living as a girl at home, adopting the new named "Cady" for herself.

While being able to express her true self at home did make Cady happier, it also made it that much harder to pretend to be a boy again when she left the house and went to school. It began to take a toll on her mental health, causing her to withdraw and avoid socializing with other children. She retreated into her drawings, which were often melancholy and sometimes disturbing images. When her teacher found some of these drawings, her parents were called and she was placed into counseling.

The therapist's recommendation that Cady be allowed to transition publicly and begin taking testosterone blockers did not sit well with Lance at all. Life at home became even more stressful. Lance grew more distant from Cady and had almost daily arguments with Delaina. Finally, he threw down the gauntlet and threatened to take legal action if Delaina tried to go forward with medical transition for Cady. Delaina was never the sort of person to back down when challenged; she called in a favor from a colleague to represent her and Cady, and she met her husband in court.

The scandal was felt throughout Mythic Wood, as it brought media attention the town was not accustomed to. The battle over Cady's right to transition captured the attention of trans rights advocates, spearheaded by some who lived in the valley's own Haven. The judgement came down in Cady's favor, and soon afterward Delaina filed divorce papers. Lance left, and while he sends birthday and Christmas cards (usually with some money) to Cady, he hasn't spoken to her or her mother since then.

More legal trouble came when some people objected to Cady's use of the girls' restroom at Walker Middle School. While there was considerable local support for Cady, the school district got involved and the matter became more complicated. While the battle was eventually won, all of these struggles taught Cady that the world was not eager to accept her for who she is. She remained relatively reclusive, her best friend being her own sketchbook.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Artist: Cady is an artist at heart. Her greatest joy comes from having a paintbrush in her hand, pouring her soul onto a canvas. When she draws or paints, Cady is isolated in her own world of colors and shapes. Within her art, she can forget the hardships of the world for a while, or shape them into something beautiful and emotional. Of course, she is too self-conscious to show her personal work to anyone. So far, only the pieces she's created in art class have been publicly displayed.
  • Trans: It's unfortunate that being transgender is such a major part of Cady's interactions. It shouldn't matter as much as it does, but the world is slow to change. For some people it's no big deal, but for others it makes her a figure of fascination or scrutiny…or worse, a target. She doesn't mind if people are simply curious and want to understand her better, but in some cases the attention can become unhealthy.


Delaina Harmon Delaina Harmon
Mom is my champion. Without her I couldn't be me. She's a little strict sometimes, but she's a mom. It's expected.
Lance Harmon Lance Harmon
Dad is…well…Dad. I haven't seen him for years. He sends cards and presents and stuff…but he never answers the phone when I call.
Evelyn Tilly Evelyn Tilly
Grandma (Deceased)
I loved spending weekends over at Grandma's house. That's where I first started to figure out who I really am, and I'm pretty sure she knew. She was a wise old hippie. I miss her….
Lyra Young Lyra Young
She's my mom's late sister's daughter. In a lot of ways, she was like a big sister to me growing up. The first girl clothes I ever wore were ones she'd grown out of that I found at our Grandma's house. Things are harder now. Mom hates Lyra's grandpa and doesn't like that Lyra lives with him and works for him. So we don't get to see her as much any more.
Parker Reed Parker Reed
The Sweetest Jock
I don't know why I thought he would see me as a freak. I guess I was the one being prejudiced, just because he's into sports. It turns out he's really sweet and deeper than I think he gives himself credit for.


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