Butch Young
Portrayed by Clint Eastwood
Name: Butch Young
Alias: The Old Man
Birthday: May 31, 1934
Origin: Muggle
Role: Criminal
Affiliation: Iron Brigade
Title: President
Resources: ●●●● Affluent


Butch Young stands tall and lean at 6'4". Life has chiseled this old man's face into hard edges and deep lines. His grey hair is going but hasn't quite gone atop his head. His narrow, yet sturdy jaw is cleanly shaven. His eyebrows most often arch and furrow as he squints at the world with a hard scowl. His long nose looks as if it's been broken once before. Only once. His lips form a thin, humorless line.

Butch wears a simple white t-shirt under a travel-worn leather jacket proudly bearing the patch of the Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club, as well as a rank patch declaring him the President. His jeans are broken in, but not too worn out yet, much like his sturdy black boots. Around his wrist, he wears a simple bracelet of woven leather, but most often it's covered by his jacket sleeve.


Butch has lived and breathed the Iron Brigade all his life. He was only five years old when the Brigade initially formed, and he watched it develop from a loose group of military veteran motorcycle enthusiasts into the gang it is today.

Like his father, Butch entered military service, joining the Army when he turned eighteen in 1952. He spent a year in the Korean War, then finished his tour of duty in Japan. After that single tour, he returned home to Oregon and took his place in the Iron Brigade, eventually rising through the organization to become president when his father retired.

Butch was hopeful that his own son, Chuck, would continue the tradition and become president after him. But in 1998 Chuck was involved in a fatal collision on I-5. With his heir gone, Butch turned his eyes to his grandson, Michael. Michael was the next great hope to continue the Young dynasty and keep the Iron Brigade pure. He wasn't even too disappointed when Michael dropped out of college in the wake of 9/11 to join the Army. Military service was a family tradition, after all. But something happened to Michael during his time in Afghanistan and Iraq. He came back a different man, broken and wild. The last Butch saw of him was in 2015, when he was supposedly going to check himself into a mental health facility.

Butch knows he should have retired years ago. But with his second heir now unsuitable to be president, he needs time to groom somebody new. Now it is just a question of weeding out the weak and finding that diamond in the rough.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Iron Brigade Royalty: Butch is not only the club president, he's also the son of the original president and founder.
  • Jaded: Long years dealing with the darker side of the world have left Butch hard and cynical.
  • Professional Boundaries: Butch draws a hard line between his professional/criminal life and his social life.
  • Searching for a Candidate: Butch needs to secure the future of the Iron Brigade, and is in search of a future club president to groom.


Lyrabelle Young Lyrabelle Young
Relationship details.
Michael Young Michael Young
Michael is Butch's blood, and he'll always respect that. He is torn between hoping Michael will return a healed man, and hoping he is somewhere far away and at peace. The hardest part is not knowing where he is, or if he's even alive.
Charles "Chuck" Young Charles "Chuck" Young
Son (Deceased)
Butch was ready to hand the reins of the Brigade over to his son when Chuck's life was taken in a highway collision.
Carter Young Carter Young
Carter was the original inspiration and first President of the Iron Brigade. Those that knew him say that Butch is the spitting image of his father, in both appearance and temperament.
Reverend Jonah Reverend Jonah
Butch doesn't attend church every Sunday, but he shows up about once a month. He and the Reverend aren't close, but they seem to have a distant respect for one another.
Red Red
These men are often adversaries, but there is a healthy respect between them. They've often been seen sharing beers or at the same poker table, despite the number of times they've been on opposite sides of a conflict.


Log Title Summary
(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.


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