Bunny Bundy
Portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge
Name: Bunny Bundy
Birthday: December 1, 1960
Origin: Wizard
Role: Vagrant
Affiliation: Bachelor Club & Iron Brigade
Title: Waitress & Old Lady
Resources: ● Poor


Bunny Bundy is a woman, roughly in her early 60s, she could be younger, but life has been hard. She is of Arcadian American heritage with bottled tan skin tone. Standing at 5′ 10″ and around 200 pounds in an overall curvaceous body type. Mid-back length peroxide blonde hair is down with a touch of bed head volume. Whispy long strands frame an oblong shaped face. With almond-shaped hazel eyes that are set to either side of her small and perfectly sculpted (by plastic surgery) nose. Below that nose is collagen-filled lips. The rest of her oblong shaped face is accented in apple cheeks, an angular jaw that comes to a barely there chin. To accent these features she is wearing some smoky eyeshadow a bit of lip rouge and slender black ink eyeliner did in a catty pin-up girl style. Bunny smells of potent floral perfume, cigarette smoke, and stale booze. When she speaks the tones and accent of Cajun Spiced Oregonian can be detected. She was raised locally by a Cajun mother.

The scalloped edges of her black bra cups show over the low cut twist center fire-engine red dress. Off the shoulder, floppy sleeve straps hang at the upper portion of her biceps. These deflated sleeves cover up some of her tattoo covered arms. Inked into her bottle tan skin is a partial sleeve on her right forearm of a spread of flowers. A pair of outline bunnies closer to her right wrist and a cartoon style 1950s bee-hive haired woman with cats and bunnies in her bouffant. An outline of the Playboy Bunny logo on the upper curve of her left breast. On her left arm are several poorly done portraits of her mother and father on his Harley. Her two daughters, Shelly and Casey, and a group picture of a lot of bikers. Many of the tattoos that are close to the inner elbow are marred with (track mark) scars. A collection of other little scars mar her skin, she's lived life hard and it shows.



When Bunny Bundy was born December 1st, 1960 her mother, Becky Landry-Bundy had high hopes for her child but as the years went on Bunny showed very little skill with the subtle amount of power, it was the last straw of disappointment that broke her mother's back. Becky left with another biker to go to Portland. While she lived with her father, David "Sarge" Bundy, he was rarely home so she grew up in the Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club's clubhouse more than she did with her actual parents.

Bunny flunked out of the ACCEL program and barely graduated from Rocklin High School. But then came Lenny Milano of the Bachelor's Club. Lenny just had one of his girls leave his employ to go on to get a job on one of Bunny's favorite television series. Bunny saw working for Lenny as the chance to become a star and she took it! Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll became Bunny's replacement for magic in her life. Anything that would have made her a star came and went unnoticed because Bunny was drunk and or stoned. So she stayed on at the Bachelor Club, stripping and waitressing and making enough money with the other business in the back 'VIP' rooms at the club, to keep herself a tiny little trailer.

Most of Bunny's adult life has been spent in a haze going from bad choice to bad choice. Within this period of sex, drugs and rock and roll Bunny gave birth to two very magically talented daughters. Shelly was her first born and Casey her second. Their paternity is a messy confusing thing. These days, after a lifetime of self-medicating with booze and drugs to numb her depression Bunny just sort of drifts through a day, Shelly comes over to make meals for Bunny, Casey, and Raff, bless her little heart. If it weren't for Shelly, Bunny knows they would be in a much worse way. But Bunny is happy in her miserable little life. She has a wonderful family that enables her to live her life how she wants to.

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  • Schooling: Bunny went to Miluk Elementary, Walker Middle, and Rocklin High. She also was a part of the ACCEL Program, but she failed the program and barely graduated in 1977.
  • Occupation: Bunny works part-time (barely at all, but Lenny allows it) at the Bachelor Club.
  • Neighbor: Bunny "helps" Raff manage the Little Valley R.V. and Mobile Home Park. She and Raff live in the Manager's Mobile at 401 Alder St. - Lot 1.
  • Addict: She will buy/barter for drugs off of anyone and is often a barfly around town.


Rebecca "Becky" Landry & David "Sarge" Bundy Rebecca "Becky" Landry & David "Sarge" Bundy
Parents: (Witch and Muggle.) Momma left when Bunny was a sophomore in high school. She rode off with another biker when it became clear that Bunny was not going to become the witch Becky wanted her to be, Becky left while she was young so she could start another better family without failures like Bunny keeping her from being happy. Sarge was always on the road and Bunny was left mostly to be raised by the other members of the IBMC.
Shelly Shelly
Daughter: (Witch.) Shelly saved Bunny's life when she was six years old. It should be a point of pride and awe for Bunny, but it's not. It only serves to remind Bunny how useless she is. Shelly really though is a good girl. She has been more of a mother to Bunny then Bunny has been to her. Which she again is grateful for but also still contributes to Bunny's low self-worth.
Casey Casey
Daughter: (Witch.)
Raff Raff
Live-in Lover: (Wizard-Born.)
Thorn Thorn
Baby Daddy: (Wizard.)


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