Briar Tully
Portrayed by Doris Leader Charge
Name: Briar Tully
Birthday: February 22, 1921
Origin: Wizard
Role: Administrator
Affiliation: SOTA
Title: Event Planner
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Briar is an old woman with a tom-boyish youthful demeanor. She has warm luster copper skin, sparkling coal black eyes, stands about 5'5" tall, and is approximately 135 pounds. Her greying black hair is short and pixie-cut in style and usually can be found with traces of freshly plucked flowers weaved within the strands. It's a carefree 'better things to do than worry about hair' style.

With the passage of time, much has changed, but quite a lot has remained the same. She has lost the vast majority of her baby fat, but her face remains essentially unchanged. Her cheeks still remain high and rosy in hue, just as her full smile remains brilliant, though she has filled out a little. Her body has been affected by almost a century of gravity and she looks like a cheery old grandmother. Pleasantly plump, small (compared to her youth) and wrinkled.

Tomboyishly dressed she wears old battered brown Doc Martin combat boots, some Levis Blue Jeans, a purple SOTA t-shirt and a black fleece jacket that also has the SOTA logo on it where the T is a totem pole.


Briar was born on the SOTA reservation to a very poor Native American couple that gave her up for adoption. She was adopted by the Crocker family and around the age of 8 they moved to London, England for business opportunities for her father, Peter, and so her older brother, Eric, could go to Oxford. Briar was miserable in London until she was informed by a very kind Muggle Liaison that she would be going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and that the Crockers were not to be allowed to know the secret and were told that Briar got a scholarship to one of the best boarding schools the UK has to offer. Shocked but please that Briar could earn such a scholarship they happily sent her off.

At Hogwarts she found herself and a new real family. There were troubles with Purests and Tyrants at the school but Briar founded the Mud Club that went on long after she graduated to be a sanctuary and support group for the Muggle-Borns of Hogwarts and their supporters and allies. Her Hufflepuff Pride was very strong and she became a Prefect and took NEWTS in Charms and Herbology.

After Hogwarts, she worked in the St. Muno's Gift shop for a while but then ran away with her beau at the time to America so that he, Kaiden Sykes, could become a famous Quidditch Player. It didn't work out between them because he liked his fame and his (female) fans a little too much. When her search for her biological family came close to discovery her other Hogwarts Sweetheart, Xander Tully, came to Oregon to be there for her in whatever the discovery brought her. In that time romance bloomed again and Xander and Briar got married and started a family. She has outlived many of that family, including her beloved Xander. So she focuses on her work as an Event Planner for SOTA. She's an Elder now on the Council and is rather like everyone's Grandmother. So she's not really alone afterall.

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  • Hogwarts Alum: Though born in Oregon and raised some in California, Briar and her adoptive family were in England when she became of age and so she went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was a Prefect of House Hufflepuff and graduated in 1939.
  • Event Planner: Briar is the dedicated Event Planner for the SOTA Tribal Council. She puts together a lot of activities and fundraisers to bring joy, education and of course a bit of money to the SOTA reservation.
  • Tribal Elder: She might have spent much of her young life away from SOTA, but her parents were prominent members of the tribes and she proved with her dedication and activity for all of her adult life to SOTA to earn herself a spot on the SOTA Tribal Council and also, as a respected elder of the association.


Peter Crocker Peter Crocker
Briar loved her Daddy, he was the only one in the Crocker family that didn't treat Briar like she was some charity case brought into the family. He treated her like a daughter. It made Briar mad however watching Margaret control him like she does. When she said they were moving back to the states when War was declared he agreed despite the fact that he really loved his job and London. Even when Briar moved back to the states herself, they were estranged until Margaret hen pecked him into an early grave.
Margaret Crocker Margaret Crocker
Materialistic bitch. She never much treated Briar like a daughter, or anything remotely resembling a familiar connection. Briar was always the poor little native baby that Margaret was so wonderful for taking in and giving a better life to.
Eric Crocker Eric Crocker
Older Brother
The brainiac, Eric was brilliant and cast a pretty dark shadow over Briar. She hasn't seen Eric since he moved back to America with their parents. Briar wasn't even invited to the wedding when he got married to his Gentry Lady fiance.
Xander Tully Xander Tully
Late Husband
Briar never thought of the boy that was obsessed with death and ghosts as a freak like some at Hogwarts did. When she was heartbroken over Kaiden's cheating he was there for her and even forgave her when she kept going back when Kaiden would call. Eventually, Briar grew up and said no to Kaiden once and for all and when Briar needed someone, Xander was there without question or hesitation. They had the most wonderful life together. He was her best friend and soulmate to the moment he died a few years ago. He is with his brother now and she is happy for him though she misses him with all her heart.


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