Bob Randall
Portrayed by Gerald McRaney
Name: Dr. Robert Randall
Alias: Dr. Bob
Birthday: August 19, 1947
Origin: Muggle
Role: Medic
Affiliation: Valley Hospital
Title: Chief of Medicine
Resources: ●●● Prosperous


This elderly man still has a lot of life in him. Laugh lines crinkle at his stern eyes, though bags from too many sleepless nights cast shadows underneath as well. Though his silver hair is almost gone atop his sun-splotched head, his gentleman's mustache is full and dashing. He has weathered the recent years fairly well, cutting a well-fed, if even slightly rotund figure.

Underneath a crisp, white lab coat, he wears a blue pin-striped shirt and a blue, black and white striped tie. His clothes fit well, seemingly tailored to his physique. His leather shoes maintain a subtle shine.


Born and raised in Bandon, Bob Randall has been a fixture of Coos County for most of his life. His father was a doctor before him; an obstetrician with a private practice in Bandon. Following his paternal footsteps, young Robert excelled in school and eventually attended Johns Hopkins to earn his Ph.D. He could have worked just about anywhere, but his love was for home, and he came back to Coos County after graduation.

Bob started working for Valley Hospital in 1974, getting his start in pediatrics. Even as a young man he had a way with the children. Though he never married or had children of his own, he became like a father (or, in time, a grandfather) to so many residents of Mythic Wood. His natural charisma and efficient work methods saw him rise in prominence at the hospital. In 1986 he became the Head of Pediatrics, and in 1995 he was made Chief of Medicine.

Dr. Bob, as he is commonly called, has been instrumental in getting better funding and enhanced facilities for the hospital. When Eos came to town, he was the one that met with Cassidy Soldahl and made the deal that would lead to the major renovations to the hospital.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Boss Doc: Bob is the Chief of Medicine at Valley Hospital. If you work there, you work for him.
  • Everyone's Grandpa: Dr. Bob has been practicing medicine for over 40 years, much of which was spent as a pediatrician. A great many locals grew up under his grandfatherly care.
  • An Excellent Hospital: Dr. Bob believes that efficiency and compassion are key elements in running an effective hospital. His motto is "Waste nothing and give everything."



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