Cady Harmon
Portrayed by Nicole Amber Maines
Name: Cady Harmon
Birthday: August 25
Origin: {$origin}
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Cady is a teenage girl with a warm complexion, standing about five and a half feet tall. Her shoulder-blade length hair is dyed a vibrant kelly green — though her roots betray her hair's brunette origin — usually worn loose and framing her round face. A hint of green eye-shadow and some eyeliner accentuate her roundish, almond-shaped eyes. She has fairly full lips and a broad smile that brings out her appled cheeks. There is a subtle scent of tea rose about her. She speaks without affectation or accent in a voice with a slight natural rasp to it.


- Grew up in Mythic Wood
- Started insisting he was a girl from age 4.
- By age 7, he was allowed to live as a girl at home.
- Miserable at school.
- Age 11: Finally allowed to begin transition. Starts living full-time as female.

Cady is an artist at heart. Her only true joy comes from having a paintbrush in her hand, pouring her soul onto a canvas. When she draws or paints, Cady is isolated in her own world of colors and shapes. As a child, her works were her window into what she imagined the world to be, a place full of beauty and whimsy. As she grew older, her compositions evolved into surreal depictions of impossible and sometimes disturbing imagery.

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