Business Owners

So you want to play a business owner? Great! We love having PC-run businesses. They make for excellent RP-hubs, and often plot fodder as well.

How to Open a Business

Step 1: Concept

The first step is to have a concept of what kind of business you want. Keep it specific. Businesses that try to be too many things are confusing, and fill niches that other businesses could be filling.

Still vague on ideas? Hit up the community. Someone's usually got a good suggestion. There might even be a vacant business that you can take over or a roster character that owns a business on the grid.

Make sure you understand that economy, so you'll have a realistic idea of what wares and services cost. This being a modern setting, it is very easy to use the Internet and see how things are priced.

Step 2: Talk to Staff

We like to have some notion of the types of businesses out there. Some might not be appropriate for the theme. Some we might rather not see another of the same type of if there are already several of a given type of business on the grid. It doesn't hurt to run the concept past us, even before submitting your character for approval.

Step 3: Claim a Business Location

Once you've been approved, it's time to hit the grid and find a location for your business that fits your Resources level. Only locations marked as businesses may be used as such. However, most can also serve as a residence as well (usually in the form of an upstairs loft). See Realty for information on claiming property and what properties are available to be claimed.

Expectations of Business Owners

Playing a business owner carries certain expectations as well. You're providing a center for interaction. Other characters may seek to make use of your business's services. Sometimes even when you're not logged in to help them.

  • Be Available: We don't expect you to be parked in your business all day, waiting for customers. That would be boring as heck. But if someone expresses an interest in patronizing your business, and you're not occupied with a scene, try to make time to offer up the requested RP.
  • Your Business Runs Without You: As stated, we know you're not going to be manning the shop every moment you're online. But we do expect that a business will be open and available for others to RP in during reasonable business hours, whether or not you're online to man it. It's best to assume that you have NPC clerks and laborers working for you.
  • Be Realistic: A business cannot function if it's not making money. If your prices are ridiculously low, your business will suffer. If your customer service is horrible, your business will suffer. If you try to run a high-end restaurant in a run-down neighborhood, you'll probably get no business at all. Play up the realities of running your business, including the hardships. Running a business isn't easy!
  • Maintain the Business's Wiki Page: Every building on the grid has a wiki page on the Directory. It is the responsibility of business owners to maintain their own business pages. These provide useful information such as employees, location, goods and services, etc.
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