Character Concept

At the core of each character is a basic concept, kindled with the first spark of inspiration. But what happens when you want to create a character, but haven’t quite found that inspiration? Don’t worry! There are many ways to come up with an idea.

Check the roster. One of the easiest ways to create a character is to pick up one that is already made. The Roster has a list of ready-made characters. Some of these may have been someone’s old character that they left for others to pick up. Many others have never been played before. It’s easy to tell which is which by checking to see if there are any RP logs on the character’s wiki page.

Ask around. Another great way to find inspiration for a character is to reach out to other players for suggestions. Many of them may have characters in their own character’s histories that they are hoping other players will create.

Brainstorm. And of course, there’s the brainstorming process itself. Figure out some basics. Think of the general type of character you might want to play. Find an actor or actress that appeals to you – they might spark an idea. (There will be more about actors and actresses later on in the character creation process.)

Of course, it’s not necessary to have a concept fully fleshed out before continuing with the character creation process. This process itself will help you develop and flesh-out your ideas. But it’s good to have a starting point.

With a fundamental concept in mind, it’s time to develop some of the character’s basic details.


The character's name is an important element. It is the first thing that anyone will see about them. And due to limitations in the MUSH’s code, it isn’t possible to change character names once it’s created. To change a character’s name means making a whole new Character Bit. So, if you would like to change it, now is the best time.

Here are a few basic tips when choosing a name:

  • Check the list of surnames already in play with the +surnames command. In a small town like this, having the same surname is likely to mean a family connection, although a coincidence isn’t impossible.
  • Avoid names that could easily be confused with an existing character. This means no Edwin if we already have an Edwina. Check the Characters page to see lists of existing characters and their names.
  • Choose a name that the isn’t a character that the actor or actress you select for your character hasn’t already played in real-life.

Use the following codes to set the character’s first name, middle name, and last name:

+stat/set firstname=<First name>
+stat/set middlename=<Optional Middle name>
+stat/set lastname=<Last name>

Note that this will show up in your character’s +finger information and will not affect the Character Bit name.

For more information, check out the Names page.


This game provides a choice of four gender denominations as part of the character creation process. If a character doesn’t fall into the binary 'Male' or 'Female' categories, two additional categories are available. Use 'Plural' for the 'they' pronoun, and 'Neutral' for the 'it' pronoun.

Of course, it will be up to each individual character how they react to non-binary genders. But in terms of what a character might expect from the overall IC community, the Culture and Society page touches on this briefly. Under Social Status and Prejudice, it mentions that there has been a slow acceptance for the LGBTQ community in Mythic Wood, but in general, the town has kept up with shifting social attitudes seen across the country.

Use the following code to set the character’s gender:

@sex me=<Male/Female/Plural/Neutral>**

Out of Character harassment or bigotry against anyone's gender choices will not be tolerated.


The birthdate establishes the character’s age, which sets the number of points available for setting up everything else about them.

It is possible to play a character from sixth grade til extremely elderly. However, if you are considering playing a child, it may be helpful to check out this set of tips for Playing Children.

Use the following code to set the character’s age:

+stat/set birthdate=<MON DD YEAR>**

Example: +stat/set birthdate=Feb 22 1978

Played By

If Dawn's Early Light was a movie, who would play this character? A great way to gain inspiration for a character’s appearance and personality is by finding an actor or actress that you might want to use. This is an official part of the Character Generation process later on, so it’s good to start thinking about it from the start. Just check +actor <Name> on the MUSH to make sure no one else has already taken someone.

Use the following code to set the character's actor:

+actor/set <Name>

For more information, visit the Actor Suggestions page.


Since this is a text-based game, coming up with a clear description of your character will be crucial for other players to visualize them as vividly as possible.

The description should be at least a paragraph or two. Here is one method to help develop this content:

  • Start with the character’s apparent gender, age, height, and build.
  • Fill in some additional details such as their complexion, hair, and eye color.
  • Add any additional features that another character might particularly notice like a dimple or scar.
  • Describe their clothes. Remember to consider the current season.

It may also be helpful to check out examples of other descriptions by checking out the character pages. These are available here.

Use the following code to set a description. Use %r for return and %t for indenting paragraphs.

@desc me=<description text>
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