Mental Attributes


Intellect and cognitive ability. Useful primarily for memorizing and remembering.


The ability to think on one's feet or under pressure, and to keep a cool head about it. This includes the ability to take in one's environment and react to it. Used to calculate Defense. It is also used for perception and reaction to surprise.


Focus, determination, personal conviction, and mental fortitude. Used to calculate Willpower. Also used for resisting coercion.

Physical Attributes


Raw physical power. Used for feats of might such as breaking down a barrier or living/moving objects.


Agility, finesse, and quickness. Used to calculate Defense.


Endurance, resilience, and toughness. Used to calculate Health. Also used for holding breath and resisting poison or disease.

Social Attributes


Bearing, assertiveness, and ability to command attention. This is not attractiveness (see the Striking Looks Merit), but can represent an ability to leverage one's best features to maximum effect.


Charm, persuasiveness, and charisma. Where Presence is more forceful and overpowering, Manipulation is social finesse – influencing others through their needs and desires.


Calm, poise, and dignity. Composure is useful for shrugging off insult or maintaining face in a tense social situation. It is also used for meditation. (Note: As Witchcraft and Wizardry does not make use of the Morality rules, the Meditation Attribute task works a bit differently.)


As Witchcraft and Wizardry does not make use of the Morality rules, the Meditation Attribute task works a bit differently. This task uses the same dice pool, action, equipment, and penalties as the Meditation task found in The World of Darkness, page 51. The key difference is that it does not affect Degeneration rolls, but helps one regain Willpower.

Meditation doesn't always mean sitting cross-legging, chanting mantras. All that is required is a length of time spent focus internally on one's values and aspirations, shutting out external distractions. For some, this is reading a good book that they connect with personally. For others, it might involve a nature walk or sunbathing on a warm beach. Others still find a hearty workout replenishes their spirit.

Remember that each Composure + Wits roll represents 30 minutes of uninterrupted meditation, no matter the form it takes. Each success restores one spent Willpower point. Willpower can only be restored this way once per day.

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