Antoin Holmes
Portrayed by Miles Elliot
Name: Antoin Javier Holmes
Birthday: March 19
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Walker Middle School
Title: Sixth Grade
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Antoin is a boy with an infectious smile. Gleaming with fervour, his blue-grey eyes shine with the desire to have fun. His squared face shows laughter and amusement more often than not. His hair often changes styles and colour, either long and shaggy and black, or short and blonde, or even blue or purple in a Mohawk. Below his round eyes and his snub nose, his wide, natural lips are most often turned up into a smile, be it friendly or entertained. A trim kid with little fat on his form, most of his weight must be due to his height. At four feet and five inches he’s just over average.


Lawrence Holmes came from a family of witches and wizards. Magic was a part of them, had grown up with it. So when Lawrence showed no magical capacity it came as quite a shock. There were times where he felt a little put out or jealous, especially since his younger brother, Michais, proved to have this magic. But Lawrence wasn’t going to let a thing like magic destroy his relationship to his family. He would always be there for his brother, despite times where he wished he could flourish a spell just like him. He grew to accept how things were and found a happy life married to Melaina Nilsson, who, unlike Lawrence, never knew magic actually existed until she discovered she had the talent.

Melaina had moved to America from Sweden when she was only six due to her father’s type of work. There, she discovered strange things happening around her until she later discovered that it had to do with magic. That’s when she met Lawrence, the two hitting it off and becoming friends until one day he proposed to her and she found herself accepting. It wasn’t long after the marriage when they had their first child; a beautiful baby girl who stole her heart. The birth didn’t come without complications, however, and it ended up being a tricky one with a hard recovery. The infection was cured only to return a week later. Eventually they had the help of magical healing, and while the infection was taken care of, something still remained dormant. Giving birth to another girl, it went far easier, except afterwards Melaina was prone to bouts of sickness. Simply passing it off as a bad immunity - and with magic to help her through it - they continued to live happily. The third child to be born was, with a feeling of excitement, a baby boy, Antoin Javier. By the time he was walking, climbing, getting into anything he can find, another sister was born, taking away his ‘baby’ status.

Although Antoin started off unsure about the change, he just sort of came to accept it, often playing by himself or doing his own thing. Interestingly, a child of one of his mother’s friends, who was initially set up for a playdate with one of the girls, ended up spending more time with Antoin and the two of them became good friends. In the time before he was six, his mother was having more frequent episodes of feeling ill, and after finding out that she was pregnant again, it was a bit of a stressful time. The last pregnancy and the baby very nearly didn’t make it. They discovered then that there was more to this illness of his mother’s, some cursed magic effect. Unable to cure the ailment completely, and with Melaina out of it a lot, things got busy. Antoin didn’t get a lot of attention from his parents, but he made up lots of games to play on his own or with his best friend. He often found himself with his uncle, too, or visiting one of his favourite places. His love for creatures had him visiting a ranch often, happily offering to help out.

Story Hooks

  • Animal Lover: He is fascinated with creatures of all sorts.
  • Bookworm: He's interested in runes and curses, obsessed with finding a cure to break his mother's magical illness.
  • Adventurous: He loves a good adventure, be it a made up game or exploration or a thrilling event.
  • Goof: He can be quite silly and has his own unique style.


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Ashley Ashley
One Year Older

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Jill Jill
Best Friend
Gabriel Gabriel


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