Middle School Actor Suggestions

In the gallery below we have staff-approved pictures that are ready for a character page. Simply save the picture to your computer, then go to your character's wiki page, upload the picture and rename it to "YOURSCREENNAME_01.jpg" and it will be ready to display!

Tricks for using this page: Each image is named after the actor portrayed. Mouse-over the picture you are interested in; most browsers will display the URL (including the actor name) for the picture at the bottom of your window. If this doesn't work in your browser, right click the picture Open in New Tab to see the actor name in the URL.

If you choose to use an actor, please click the Files link at the bottom of the page to view the file list. Find your image file and click Options, then Move. In the Destination Page box, type "actors:middle-school-archive" and click Move.


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