Witchcraft & Wizardry: Dawn's Early Light is presently on an indefinite hiatus. We are very sorry to everyone that put time and energy into this game, and to those hoping to join in the future. While there is a small possibility that it will reopen at some point in some form, that remains uncertain and we cannot make any promises. Thank you to everyone that made this place what it is.

It is an idyllic time in the United States of America. After a period of divisive politics, unity was found under the leadership of President Ellen Waites, whose patient diplomacy and fair judgement paved the way for a new era of bipartisanship. The magical world has enjoyed this same kind of tranquility for many years. Two decades after the Second Wizarding War, magical America remains a place of tolerance and idealism.

One tiny corner of the U.S. has become a special place for magical and non-magical folk alike. An area of Oregon known to the native tribes as Mith-Ih-Kwuh ("Morning Star" in the Miluk-Coos language), a place full of spirits and mysterious happenings, developed into a pioneer village called Mythic Wood. The secluded, whimsically-named place has transformed from a simple lumber settlement into a modern small town of surprising diversity. This was in no small part due to the influences of the local tribes, an infusion of free-thinking hippies during the 60s, and an unusual concentration of witches and wizards.

Today, Mythic Wood still attracts new inhabitants of all types with its welcoming atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, employment opportunities, and a rich history teeming with innumerable legends and mysteries. This unique little dot on the map might seem like simple "small town Americana", but its inhabitants know better. In Mythic Wood, there are wonders still waiting to be discovered.


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